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LEGAL BASIS                        

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) was organized pursuant to Proclamation No. 3 dated March 1986 and Article VII of the 1987 Constitution and Executive Order No. 240 dated July 24, 1987.


To provide staff assistance to the Vice President (VP) in the performance of his tasks as the second highest official in the Executive Branch. 


Provide the necessary technical and support services to the Vice President to enable him to perform his functions effectively and efficiently. 

The functions are classified into:

1. Executive function

2. Ceremonial function

3. Advisory function

4. Constituency function

5. Administrative function

In the conduct of these functions, the OVP is guided by the following objectives: 

Pursuit and promotion of political stability and confidence in a democratic system of government;

Promotion of foreign investments, international trade and diplomatic relations;

Promotion of peace and order, safety and welfare in coordination with law enforcement agencies;

Pursuit of economic goals of the country in local, national and international domain, and;

Promotion and protection of the interest of the national constituency.


The Vice President is mandated to ensure that laws are faithfully executed.


The Vice President performs ceremonial functions through meetings with representatives of foreign governments. He represents the Philippine government in official gatherings and receives foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, foreign investors, and other foreign officials.


As a member of the Cabinet, the Vice President participates in the formulation of policies in the implementation of government programs and projects 


The Vice President performs constituency function through consultations with local executives, lends support to their programs and extends financial assistance to them.

The interactions with his constituents serve to provide the Vice President a first hand knowledge of their problems. His visits to the countryside enable the Vice President to formulate realistic policies that promote local concerns and make appropriate actions and recommendations to concerned agencies. 


As head of the second highest office in the land, the VP performs administrative function. As administrator, the VP sees to it that the resources of the OVP are efficiently used to attain the goals and objectives of the office. 


We, the officials and employees of the Office of the Vice President shall bear in mind that a public office is a public trust; and that we vow to serve the people and conduct ourselves with utmost professionalism, dedication and integrity. We shall uphold the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and support the duly constituted authorities in all its programs geared towards nation building, economic development and political stability. We pledge therefore to serve the Filipino people:

  • promptly 
  • effectively
  • efficiently
  • transparently
  • and courteously

at all times, upholding always the best interest of the Filipino people, with love of country engraved not only in our hearts but also manifested in our every word and deed.


As the second highest public office in the land, the Office of the Vice President shall work for the welfare of the Filipino people and contribute to nation-building, economic development and political stability by fostering fidelity to the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and upholding the highest standard of professionalism in the civil service.


The Office of the Vice President shall be the benchmark for exemplary public service through the dedicated and efficient service of all OVP officials and employees, exhibiting the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and accountability in government service.