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    Request For Quotation / Request for Expression of Interest

    Request For Quotation / Request for Expression of Interest
    Compar Local Rice Cebu Farmers
    Compar Local Vegetables Cebu Farmers
    Supply and Delivery of Community-Based Rice
    RFQ No. 2020-001A.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-002.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-016.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-017.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-024.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-034 - Workstation.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-035 - Warranty Subscription Peplink Access Points.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-036.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-055 Gloves Revised.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-056 Vitamin C.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-062.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-063A.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-067A.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-069.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-072 Fire Extinguisher.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-074.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-079B - Bus Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-080 - Office and Janitorial Supplies.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-081 - Epson Ink T372.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-083 - Maintenance Box.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-084 - Alcohol.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-085 - Repair of Motor Vehicle.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-086 - Shoe Cover.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-086.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-088.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-090.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-092 - HP Toner 130A.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-093 - TIres.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-094 - PMS.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-096A - Relief Goods.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-097 - Vehicle Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-098 - Disinfection Services.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-099 - Light Bulbs.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-100 - Relief Goods.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-101 - Vehicle Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-102 - Bus Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-104 - Ecobag.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-105 - Supply and Delivery of Office and Janitorial Supplies.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-106 - Ribbon for Smart ID Printer.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-107 - ID Lace and Holder.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-108 - Van Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-109 - Van Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-110 - Medicines.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-111 - PMS Lexus PUI-525.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-112.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-113 - Vehicle Rental.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-116 - Repair of Video Camera.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-117 - Custom Vehicle Partition.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-118 - Vehicle Rental within the Province of Cebu.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-119 Disinfection Services.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-120 - Psychometric Exam.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-124 Toyota Vios A1U092.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-126 - PMS Toyota Innova ABE-1189.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-129 - Tshirt for Community Learning Hub.pdf
    RFQ No. 2020-136 - Packaging Materials.pdf
    Supply and Delivery of Computer Laptop Parts
    Subscription of Research and Survey Services for Advocacy Program
    Replacement of Motor Vehicle Shoock Absorber and Tires Alignment, Camber and Caster Adjustment