Statement by VP Sara Duterte on Arrest of Mindanao NPA Leader

Let me congratulate the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the other government agencies behind the arrest of Eric Casilao on Monday.

He holds an important position in the terrorist organization New People’s Army — actively hatching plans to attack government forces and infrastructures, attack civilian communities and the killing of Lumad leaders, and the forcible collection of extortion money from mining and agribusiness companies.

Many lives have been tragically upended and destroyed because of the ideology of violence espoused by Mr. Casilao and his terror group. Developments in the countryside were also among the casualties of their senseless cause.

The arrest is only the beginning of the fight for justice for the victims of the bloodbath and other forms of violence perpetrated by the terrorist NPA headed by Mr. Casilao across many parts of Mindanao, including the regions of Davao and Caraga.

I am glad that finally, Mr. Casilao has fallen, and I hope that all who died because of Mr. Casilao will get justice.

Thank you.

Sara Z. Duterte Vice President of the Philippines

20 April 2023