PagbaBAGo Campaign

Being equipped with the proper tools for school is essential to academic success and the lack of educational resources such as basic school supplies can affect learning and will result to lower academic performance and decrease interest in education subjects. The Office of the Vice President (OVP) believes that having the necessary academics for every Filipino student sensing of security that they otherwise may not have. Providing basic school supplies to the learners can help stimulate their interest and actively engage them.

PagbaBAGo Campaign is an initiative program of the OVP, in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd), that aims to provide school supplies to learners. This was initiated by former by Vice President Sara Z. Duterte during her term as City Mayor, wherein partners and private entities donated school kits that were given to the identified students whose families cannot provide fully the needed school supplies.

The PagbaBAGo Campaign seeks to bring access to increase the connection between the schools and community in ensuring each Filipino student is prepared and provided adequate supplies. The campaign aims to achieve the promotion of gained knowledge through education by providing bags filled with educational supplies and materials for their learning. Focusing on Educational Materials, 1 PagbaBAGo Bag includes the following:

  • 2pcs of notebooks

  • 2pcs of ballpens

  • 3pcs of pencils

  • 1pc of erase

  • 1pc of ruler

  • 1 box crayons

  • 1pc of plastic envelope

  • 1pc of sharpener

  • 1pc of “Kaibigan Ko” sticker with envelope

  • 1pc of toothbrush

  • 1pc of toothpaste

  • 1pc dental flier

  • 1 pack of candies

Coverage of the Project  

This project shall cover the entire Philippines, particularly focusing on individuals and families in crisis/ difficult situations.