Statement by VP Sara Z. Duterte on the Killing of Gov. Roel Degamo

I condemn the killing of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo.

His death is a tragedy to the province of Negros Oriental, and I am one with the grieving people of the province, his friends, and his family.

Authorities must immediately probe this cowardly, evil act and bring the perpetrators to justice and pay for their crime, especially the brains behind it.

Authorities must start looking at the political feud that has gripped Negros Oriental and has taken so many lives, not just of Gov. Degamo.

The attack exposes the extent of desperation, depravity, and thirst for violence of the people who masterminded it as they showed an absolute absence of regard for the lives of the five civilians who were among the fatalities — making it all the more appalling and unforgivable.

I pray for the soul of Gov. Roel, who, more than a political ally, was a dear friend.

I also pray for the souls of the civilians who also died in the attack.

The people of Negros Oriental must collectively condemn the killing of Gov. Roel and the five other residents of the province.

Sara Z. Duterte Vice President of the Philippines 4 March 2023